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We understand what your car represents to you...

We offer a wide array of high level of mechanical and collision repair services. At PJ Motor Service, we will make your car work like a Swiss watch and look like a million dollars on the highway.

Our highly skilled, fully qualified and experienced mechanics have built up a reputation for consistently delivering on all our customer needs. We continually aim to give you the best customer service available by providing a friendly, helpful and reliable cooperation with our clients.

This is achieved by giving full details about all the work we carry out and offering explanations for any work required. By doing this we feel that the customer is kept informed, empowered and feels in control of what is happening to one of the most expensive items they will ever buy. All this makes sure that you are confident in our work and that you receive the best service available.

Our mechanics constantly improve their professional qualifications by participating in professional trainings offered by the car industry manufacturers.

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Engine Overhaul

We carry out full engine overhaul as well as partial repairs of the engine and its components including piston rings, head gaskets, valves and others.

Power Steering, Brakes and Chassis

Your car has to brake and turn just as well as it speeds up. Services provided by our team let you enjoy the peace of mind.

Oil Change

We will provide your engine with the right and highest quality oil, which will let you enjoy its power for a longer time.

CO2 Reduction

We offer help related to the CO2 reduction and trouble-free NCT passed.

Powertrain and Susspension

With us, you will receive a comprehensive powertrain and suspension components replacement and reapirs, which will ensure reliable driving even in the most demanding situations.

Collision Repairs, Car Body Painting

Auto body damage, collision or just wanting a new color to dress the wheels that you already drive? No matter what the reason is, PJ Motor Service is here to make your vehicle look amazing.